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With the beautiful math and the use of the exponential function, you can help with the creation of a sovereign Palestine.

The way the exponential function impact works:
f (x) = 2x

You buy or sponsor a coin and tell a friend. Get your social network to be involved in the movement. It is an investment, and it has intrinsic value while you are becoming a part of a New Dawn for Palestine.

You are part of history in the making!


Got a Resistance Shekel?

Launching the Palestinian
Commemorative Risitance Coins


Do a good deed. Do the math. Put your money where your mouth is!

Starbucks supports Apartheid Israel. Do the math, stop buying coffee from Starbucks for a month and buy a Resistance Shekel

Art Exhibit: The Trail of Tears, From Manifest Destiny to the Promised Land

You are invited to join us for the launch of the Palestinian Resistance Shekel

Artist Statement

Kanaan is a descendant the ancient Canaanites, one of the indigenous Semitic people who inhabited Palestine and the Levant (present day Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine) since time immemorial. His family hails from the coastal town of Jaffa, but Kanaan was raised in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan.

Growing up, he was a witness to the mass displacement of his people and the gruesome wars which led to his life-long commitment to peace and justice. His artistic endeavors focus on the plight of the Palestinians and the price they paid as victims of the colonization of the ‘Promised Land” by Eastern European settlers on a mission to fulfill their “Manifest Destiny.”


Auschwitz was liberated 75 years ago, yet its shadow lingers: Gaza has become the Auschwitz of the Century



Beyond human rights, our innovative project will create a sovereign nation.

We Believe Everyone Has
Something Important To Say

Buy a T-Shirt, a Button, A Poster, a Bracelet or a Resistance Shekel...and tell the world what you think!

When you support RMP, we get closer to achieving sovereignty
Olive Trees Destroyed since 1967
Palestinian Children Killed Since 2000
Palestinians Killed Since 2000
Palestinian Homes Demolished 1967 - Present


What do we actually do?

design & Mint Resistance Shekels

RMP's sponsorship program allows the project’s supporters to sponsor a coin.
  • Make an order of a minimum of 500 coins
  • RMP Designs the Coin
  • RMP Markets and Sells the Coin
  • RMP will build reserves to back up future paper currency

Stable Coin

A Sovereign Cyber coin backed by silver reserves, which will be kept in the vaults of reputable financial institutions.
  • Audited by independent auditors
  • RMP will create a Stable Palestinian Coin - a Cyber Coin
  • Create high denomination coins
  • Monetizing Palestinian Arts

Royalties Go TO

Promote the use of the Resistance Shekel in the West Bank and Gaza
  • Support independent NGOs to provide services to Palestinian refugees and Palestinians living under occupation.  
  • Finance high profile cultural institutions like the Royal Orchestra of Palestine and the Royal Film Institute of Palestine.
  • Provide a source of income for a Palestinian Government in Exile
  • Finance women micro businesses
  • Provide scholarships for Palestinians
  • Cover administrative costs and reproduction cost


We unite for justice!


With you standing for justice and human rights, the Palestinians are not fighting alone.