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The Royal Mint of Palestine was established in 2018 to launch a sovereign currency to finance and sustain economic independence for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.
The founders of the project are proponents of a one-state solution: an inclusive democratic, egalitarian, neutral and secular state that serves the interests of every citizen from the River to the Sea.  

We believe that a constitutional monarchy will grant Palestinian Jews, Palestinian Arabs, Palestinian Armenians, and other Palestinian minorities cultural and social autonomy and equal protection under the law while affirming the unique heritage of the indigenous Palestinians.

We support the right of every child born on the holy soil of Palestine to remain in the land of their birth, and we support the right of return for every Palestinian exile.

We recognize the trauma inflicted on European Jews during the Holocaust and the communal fears of their descendants. The Kingdom of Palestine must provide safe haven for any Jew escaping anti-Semitism in their land of birth.

Part of our educational mission is to combat Nakba-Denial by minting coins for every Palestinian village that was ethnically cleansed by the Zionist movement, which began in 1897.
Our mission also focuses on the promotion of cultural projects to spark a Palestinian renaissance in music, film, art, and literature, as well as building institutions to support and finance this renaissance.  
We intend to produce coins to honor the Palestinian leaders, and freedom fighters and internationals, who have led the century-long struggle to restore the rights of our people. Let their memory be preserved on our coins.

The Royal Mint of Palestine has a blueprint ready to launch, with coins already minted to honor Ahad El Tamim, our rebel queen, and Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist who paid the ultimate price for her dedication to the Palestinian people.

We have produced a coin to memorialize the ethnic cleansing of Iqrith, a village in the Galilee, and we invite Palestinians to sponsor coins for other villages so that their names will never be erased from history.

We have planted the seed for a sovereign Palestinian Resistance currency that has intrinsic value. It will be the first sovereign coin with silver content since 1965. We invite those of you who share our vision to sponsor a coin.

We also have plans for a cyber currency backed by silver reserves, and we have developed blueprints for distributing the profits to organizations working to alleviate the hardships of Palestinians who endure the daily horrors of the Israeli occupation. When the resistance currency becomes the coin of the realm in Gaza and Jerusalem, and in the Galilee and the West Bank, we expect that it will fuel an economic revolution that reduces dependence on the Israeli shekel.

We anticipate that Palestinian Resistance Shekels will increase in value relative to other currencies, including the U.S. dollar. Aside from its intrinsic value, these coins will likely be sought by collectors and those who support the Palestinian cause.

Palestinians have a long history of minting coins, and we encourage Palestinians, young and old, to acquaint themselves with their coin-making heritage, which is just as impressive as the architectural legacy of their ancestors.

To learn more about our mission, to help it prosper, to share our hope for a future of peace and prosperity for all of the people of Palestine, please visit the official website of the Royal Mint of Palestine at